Sunday, April 17, 2016


I don't like any of the candidates running. But, I know what I think doesn't matter to the politicians or the people who think they like one of the candidates. Trump yuck! Hilary ugh! I think I will make that the title of a song.

Who would I could I should I vote for? I don't know yet. I am looking at everyone who is running not just the mainstream candidates. The only 3rd party that is in all 50 states is the libertarian party.

I am against war and violence from anyone including the state. I like the anti war stance of the libertarian party if you are socially liberal and fiscally conservative you might be libertarian. They give a lot of lip about being fiscally conservative but could they really constrain the government?

Republicans give a lot of lip about conservative values yet spend way tooo much tax payer dollars on their expensive pet projects. Nixon started the war on drugs but ended the Viet Nam war. He started the drug war to get back at the dammed hippies  who wanted an end to war and minorities who had just gained their civil rights. The drug war is funded by powerful for profit prison systems and their lobbyist are in  the wallets of our politicians and Judges.

Democrats give a lot of lip about social issues and think they stand for civil rights. Yet one of the most blatant violation of civil rights law and display of institutional racism has stood before you for 50 years. Democrats did nothing to try and stop it and, in all these years they have certainly contributed to the enforcement of drug laws. The 1994 Clinton "Thug Law" is proof positive of democrat involvement in keeping the drug war going.

So I am pretty much moved in politics according to social issues and issues of freedom. But I really feel that I am an anarchist not wanting an authority over me but I don't think anyone is running in the anarchist party. There is one running that seems to have anarchist ideals but I know people are afraid of freedom so I won't even dream that they could possibly gain enough of the hearts and minds of the people to turn an election in their favor.

It is interesting considering all the candidates not just the ones I think I like.
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