Monday, August 31, 2009

The Importance of Salt

Salt what of it? Salt is all around us and is probably the most uses of any chemical in the world. We put it on our grocery list, we cook with it and add it at the table. It is a preservative of foods and has been used for preserving since man's beginnings.

Industry uses most of salt produced today. The chemical industry is the leader in salt use.

Salt has been used through out history for trading and even as money.

The veins,artery, and cells of the body are a sodium/potassium pump. Which means salt is very important to bodily functions.

The kind of salt we eat is different that the salt used in industry. Trace amounts of iodine are added to some table salts to help prevent goiter. There are many different grades of salt for consumption. Even regular grocery stores are carrying various brands of sea salt as well as the name brands that we all recognize such as

Many people have tried a salt free diet to lower their blood pressure and many restaurants have become concerned for there customers on salt free diet and have started lowering the amount of salt in their recipes.

Not many people really think very much about salt except to add it to the grocery lists. All the best restaurants know that the quality of salt is very important to the taste of their foods.

Not all salts are equal when it comes to nutritional value and all people who wish to increase their level of health would do well to really think about what kind of salt you put into your body.
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